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Adamas Diamond and Moissanite Tester with Interchangeable and Micro Probe Tips, Item No. 56.736

NEW from Presidium!

Adamas -- The World’s First Diamond and Moissanite Tester with Interchangeable and Micro Probe Tips

  • Easy-to-use interchangeable probe tips
  • World’s only micro probe tip
  • Industry’s thinnest probe tip for testing diamonds
  • Authenticate diamonds as small as 0.01 carats
  • Conveniently replace worn or damaged probe tips yourself
  • Built-in memory chip stores up to 500 test records
  • Dynamic display with super bright micro LED for clear, distinct results
  • Sleek chrome-brushed ergonomic grip
  • USB port for alternative power source and connectivity


Adamas -- Where leading quality and technology meet



Length: 189 mm  (7.44 inch)

Width:    36 mm  (1.42 inch)

Height:   28 mm   (1.10 inch)

Weight:   78.5 grams  (2.77 oz.)
               (without batteries)