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Blade Chuck Heads

Developed in Switzerland by SciesMiniatures/Pégas in collaborationwith the HEIG Engineering School in Yverdon.

Tests and studies thatwere conducted demonstrated that the reducedweight of these Heads directly relates to reduced

vibrations of the machine, which, in turn, improves its service life and the life of the Scroll Saw.

These new Heads are manufactured in an aeronautical grade aluminum, in which resistance and weight are optimal.

Therefore, the new Heads are 40% lighter and vibration is reduced to a minimum. The compact design is user friendly

and protects the mechanical parts of the scroll saw. Assembly of these new Heads is simple and fast.

  • More compact
  • 40% lighter
  • Reduces vibration
  • Reduces stress on the machine
  • Increases life of the Scroll Saw
  • Makes changing blades easier and faster