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Elmadry TD 30 Warm & Cold Air Drying Unit, Item No. 23.680

Perfect for Drying Small Parts

  • Quick and easy to operate
  • Suitable for use with different basket sizes
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Fitted with cold and hot air blower
  • Automatic safety switch-off
  • Energy-saving lid

The Elmadry TD 30 is designed for thorough drying in a production or workshop environment.

Step 1: Ultrasonic cleaning

Step 2: Tapwaterwash and bathe in distilledwaterwhile items are still in basket

Step 3: Place basket with items in hot air dryer

The hot air is activated while the lid is closed. The lid has ventilation slots, ensuring that maximum air turbulence is created and themoist air is channeled to the outside. The lid also reduces energy consumption. The replaceable dust filter prevents dust in the room from contaminating the dried item. You can switch to Cooling air mode to quickly cool the item being dried.


Tank capacity: 3.2 liters

Power: 110V, 460Watts

Max. Temperature: 158° (70°C)

External Unit Dimensions: 10-1/4”W x 6-7/8”D x 8-1/2”H (260 x 175 x 215 mm)

Internal Tank Dimensions: 8-1/2"W x 4-3/16"D x 1-7/8"H (216 x 106 x 48 mm)

Handy Hot/Cold/Off switch