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HOKE® Jewel Torches

HOKE Jewel Jewelers Torch Adapter Kit (14.060)

Orca Torch (14.070)

Hi-Heat Torch with 3 Tips (14.152)

Midget Torch & Casting Torch Outfits (14.160/14.165)

Torch-Mate (14.204)

Micro-Torch (14.214)

Hand-Held Metal Detector (15.207)

Three Well Digital Wax Pot (21.273)

Vacuum Machine for Investing & Casting ( 21.805G/21.805GX/21.806G)

High Performance Dry Vacuum Pump (21.819W/21.819WX)

Grobet Standard Vulcanizer (22.554/22.554X)

Wax Pot & Injector (22.715)

Air Pressure Wax Injector (22.747/22.747X/22.748/22.748X)

Bead Blaster (23.04000)

Bead Blaster (23.050/23.050X)

Vigor Demagnetizer (26.0415A)

Demagnetizer/Magnetizer (26.704)

Diamond Tip Flat Engraving Machine (26.815)

Grobet USA Gemological Microscope Instruction Manual (29.875/29.875X/29.876/29.876X)

Steam Dragon Atmospheric Steam Cleaning Machine (24.960/24.960X/24.961/24.961X/24.970/24.970X)

Flexible Shaft Machines

Micromotor (34.555)

Jiffy Jump Ringer (43.115)

Electric Pickler (45.302)

Dustcollector Deluxe Floor Model 110V (47.087/47.087X)

Dustcollector Deluxe Floor Model 110V/220V (47.088/47.088X)

1/2 HP Double Spindle Polishing Unit (47.2026, 47.2026X)

Grobet Rotary Tumblers - One Barrel, Two Barrel and Heavy Duty (47.780/47.780X/47.781/47.781X/47.782/47.782X)

3 QT. Vigor Vibratory Tumbler (47.785)

Vigor Wet or Dry Vibratory Tumbler (47.786/47.786X/47.787/47.787X/47.788/47.788X)

Pocket Size Digital Scale (50.240/50.245)

Soldering Machine (54.050/54.050X)

SubZero Gold Refining Kit (63.550)

PEGAS Scroll Band Saw (90.700)

PEGAS Precision Scroll Saw (90.750)

PEGAS Scroll Saw Stand (90.751)

SmartPro Aura Software Update (56.940)