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Pegas® Scroll Sawblade Display Package, Item 90.WD6

 Contains 6 dozen of 18 different Pegas saw blades.


  • Skip 2/0, 2, 5, 7, 9
  • Skip Reverse 3R, 5R, 7R
  • Double Skip Reverse 5R, 7R, 9R
  • Modified Geometry 3SPR, 5SPR, 7SPR
  • Pinned Regular 15TPI
  • Spiral 2/0, 2, 4

The Pegas display is constructed of durable wire to withstand every retail environment.

The Pegas display can be placed on a counter or it can hang on slatwall or pegboard. Its attractive design will invite your customers to browse. Product information is printed clearly on the small banner for easy customer selection.

Pegas specialists have carefully selected 6 different types and 18 most popular sizes of Pegas Scroll saw blades to fill the display - Skip, Skip Reverse, Double Skip Reverse, Modified Geometry, Pinned Regular, and Spiral.

All Pegas Scroll sawblades are packed by the dozen in colorful minigrip polybags. Polybags maintain their strength and attractive appearance over time.