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Tri Electronics Gold Tester, Model GT-3000, 6 to 18 Karat, Item No. 56.782

The most accurate, low-cost tester available, backed by dependable service and built by Tri-Electronics, the inventor of electronic gold testers. Measures white, yellow, pink and green gold in a full range of values from 6 to 18 karat. No dangerous chemicals or mixing of fluids, so it's ecologically safe. Measures 12" x 9" x 1-3/4". UL listed. Three year warranty. Also operates using two 9 volt batteries (not included). 110 Volt

No. 56.766 Replacement gel tube

No. 56.769 Pro cleaning solution

No. 56.783 Replacement sensor

No. 56.787 Lead wires

No. 56.791 Test plate